What is the official hashtag? The official hashtag for Zion Music Conference 2019 is #zmc2019. Please use this hashtag when posting on social media.

Do I need to select my break out sessions in advance? No. All classrooms are large enough to accommodate the number of attendees for most classes. We will do our best to seat everyone that would like to attend each breakout session. Should the class be full, we ask that you pick your second choice for that session.

Which airports are nearby? Hobby (HOU) and BUSH (IAH) are both about 35-40 miles away. Southwest uses Hobby.

Which hotels offer a Conference Rate? Please click the hotel tab for details.

Does the New Music Flash Drive come with my registration? The New Music Flash Drive which includes mp3 and lead sheets for 35+ songs is included with all individual registrations and the leader of all group registrations.

Are audio recordings available of the Zion sessions? Yes. Visit the Zion product sales table in the main foyer to purchase a dropcard that contains audio of every session and service at the conference.

What is a dropcard? Dropcards give you instructions on how to access the digital audio files of the sessions and services. Should you need further explanation, please visit the Zion product sales table and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is the dress for the conference? Night services are typically our “Sunday Best” dressy and day sessions are more “business casual”, but do your thing your way! We welcome everyone!

Do I have to be Pentecostal to attend? Anyone from any denomination or walk of life is welcome. No religious affiliation is required!

Will Zion be Live Streamed? Only the evening services will be live streamed.

Will Zion be Bilingual? No, but Spanish translation by headset will be available for the night services.

What if I can’t come for the entire conference? We encourage you to attend the entire conference, but understand if you can't. You can register/sign in at any point during the conference. Please note there are no partial registrations available.

What if I need to transfer my ticket to someone else? Email us at zion@thepok.com by September 30th with the current registrant's name and the new registrant's name and we will make the transfer.

Do I need to bring my guitar or bass? That is totally up to you. Most classes are instructional, but if you learn better with your instrument in your hand, you are welcome to bring it.

Is there an age minimum? There is not an age minimum, but we ask that everyone that attends the daytime sessions registers for the conference. There is no childcare available during the conference with the exception of nursery (ages 0-2) during the evening services. Also, we ask that children are monitored by their parent/guardian at all times.

Are the evening services open to the public? Yes. Everyone is welcome to join us in the evening services. All registered guests have the opportunity to sit in the reserved section up front until 7PM. At that time, we will open up any available seats to those not registered.

Email us at zion@thepok.com and we will be glad to answer any other questions you have.